Pro Dyno Tuning

Truck and Off Road

4×4 and AWD

Since 2004

Pro Tuning 4×4 & off-road

With our AWD off-road dyno tune, we can maximize horse power and torque on a safe, and reliable tune. With our experienced tuners and tje latest software, our rolling chassis dyno is able to apply real conditions, providing more accurate feedback to ensure we get the most power safely. A custom map for your vehicle, made for your uniqe setup

We support the latest ECU technology, such as Cobb, and Honda Tech, and other aftermarket ECU mapping tech.  Before we do anything, we make sure your car is Dyno ready for its new pro tune.  With techs from highly rated So-cal Tuners, we are Temecula’s best off road pro dyno tune value.

WHP Gains!

4 wheel power

Get huge gains to your torque and wheel horse power with our custom tuning packages.  We service Inland Empire, Temecula, Murrieta, and SD County.

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Domestic, JDM, & UTV

With our new heavy duty ramps, and all wheel dyno tune, we have expanded our services to all trucks and SUV’s looking to get more torque and horse power.  With our experienced staff, and the latest equipment in the Murrieta / Temecula area we have a full service performance shop ready to boost your truck or off road toys to the next level of performance. 

How much does a tune cost?  Well an off-road Dyno tune price will all depend on the vehicle and goals. just remember we are the most value, for the lowest price!  Our tunes, just like our custom motor builds, are made to give you solid reliable gains and help open up your truck, SUV, or UTV the way it was always meant to.


Domestic Trucks and SUV's

Domestic tuning for Ford, Chevy / GMC, Dodge, and more. Cobb, SCT Pro Racer, or Custom Maps available

JDM and Euro Off Road

Toyota tech for your Tundra or 4runner, Nissan tuning, or Custom Maps available for your ECU.

All Terrain Vehicles

Bring us your custom buggys, Polaris Rzr, Can-Am, or San Rail so we can help maximize your power while keeping your toys running smooth


Get more Torque!

Every Truck and SUV tune is unique.  Dont blow your engine by going with a stock, or pre-built map.  Let the pro’s maximize your off-road power with a custom tailored tune map.  Appointments are filling up fast so book now!