Pro Dyno Tuning Checklist

When building a custom high-performance vehicle, you’ll probably have to get a dyno tune at some point. If you want to reach that optimum performance from your car and its parts, it’s absolutely necessary.

Taking your vehicle to a dyno tuner is one of the best ways to dramatically improve engine performance. This process of using a dynamometer to boost your vehicle’s performance is far beyond bolt on mechanics.  Pro tunes unlock your vehicles real performance potential. The dynamometric process makes it possible to optimize and improve many things in your car.  This includes turbo boost psi, air fuel ratio, and increased torque levels.  Although It may be technical, it is easy to prepare your car for Dyno tune day.  Remember a good tune is necessary for those who want to keep their performance, horsepower and engine life sustained at an optimal level. If you plan to dyno tune, here are some of the most simple tip which can help you get the most of your vehicle.

Simple dyno tuning tips

  • Ensure that your expectations are realistic and feasible.

Bad tunes, or over the counter maps can blow up engines!!! Every car is unique and so too should be your tune.  Even if you find a map for a car that is exactly like yours things can still go wrong.  How can this be avoided?  Well first you need to make sure your precautions and expectations are clear from the start.  Talk to your tuner about your performance goals, who will help you match your horse power ( HP ) goals, to the required parts and preparation.  Otherwise that brand new Audi or STI you just dropped $10k or 20k in performance parts on, could end up dead in its tracks.

You should expect that your professional dyno tuner is able to provide you with the correct air/fuel ratio, boost, oil pressure as well as ignition and timing.  A professional tuner will take care in advance to protect your engine and your performance parts, while safely getting you to your power goals.

  • Ensure you turn up with your tank full of fuel.

This is very simple and straightforward stuff, but if you ask a pro, you’d be told how much people bring in their cars for an all wheel drive tuning with their low fuel light beaming. The art of tuning is no magic, to ensure a proper engine adjustment, you need fuel.  You would be surprise how fast your mpg goes down when your Honda is on fuel throttle for extended pulls. Depending on the duration the car is to spend in the dyno, it could require from around 5 to 15 gallons of fuel. So, the best bet is to ensure that you put your car in a good position by showing up with your tank full. This is, in fact, more important if you want to run an ethanol, E85 or hard to find race fuels.

  • Make sure your engine is ready for AWD dyno tuning.

sti clutch replacement - apocalypse racing

Parts matter, both in quality AND how they are installed.

To dyno tune, your engine is going to be put under the level of the same stress you’d expect from a racing lane. Imagine heading to a track without ensuring your fluids are topped up properly, the same thing applies to your all-wheel drive tuning session. You want to check at least that your fluid levels are right, the condition of the spark plugs are normal, etc. If your vehicle makes use of a manual gearbox, you will need your clutch in good condition to avoid slipping.  If your Subaru or Honda is in need of a new clutch, remember to ask your tuner what they suggest based on your horse power goals.  For instance Sti and WRX have different limits on stock clutches, so ask first before getting your pro tune.

  • Grenades are not for the dyno, don’t bring them.

Although a dyno tune will place stress on your engine, its no more than the stress it feels while running on full throttle on a freeway or back street. Remember though, your dyno session may not end well if your engine is low on oil or smokes heavily from the exhaust.  If you have fluid leaking, engine knock, low coolant or generally poor engine health talk to your motor specialist or your dyno tuner. If you know your engine isn’t in a good condition, it will be cheaper and better to first have it fixed before going for a dyno session, else you may risk blowing a hole in the block.  Luckily, we can help with that too.

Protect your investment with a Pro Tune from Apocalypse Racing.

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